NCR Corporation

Software Engineering Intern Team Lead (May 2023 - August 2023)

I am working as a Software Engineering Intern leading a team of 5 other interns on the Retail Innovation - Edge Team.

I am working on a Mock Organization Micro-Service, written in Flask in Python. This API enables the generation of sample retail organizations, populated with a categorized catalog and locations around the country. I worked with processing the catalog database, which was generated from an open source database. I trained and used a Brand Recognition NER Models to accurately predict the brand names in a product and remove them from the product name. I also worked with randomizing the generation of the product catalog and locations using open location datasets. I wrote a CI/CD pipeline to help with testing and to add functionality to publish micros-service when required.

High Performance Architecture Lab

Undergraduate Research Assistant (Jan 2023 - Present)

I am working at the High Performance Architechture Lab at Georgia Tech on In-Storage GPU scheduling strategies to maximize memory capacity and performance in GPUs inflicted by memory latency in SSD access.access. I have read papers proposing novel approaches to SSD scheduling, including ZnG, SBIOS, and PGIS. Additionally, I have explored the internal workings of MacSim and explored DRAM Simulator Code. With the knowledge gained from these papers and programs, I am now utilizing strategies proposed in the papers to develop an outline of a warp-based SSD scheduling algorithm.

NCR Corporation

Software Engineering Intern (May 2022 - August 2022)

For 12 weeks, I worked at the NCR Corporation Headquarters in Altanta, GA. I worked on the Retail Innovation - Edge Team.

With a team of 5 other interns, I worked on the GoKart Selling Service, which is a API written in the Fiber Web Server in Golang. This service allows for the support of creation, storage, and management of a cart object achieved with a unique cart identifier. The cart supports the inclusion of items retrieved through requests to the NCR BSP Catalog API, and store locations through to the BSP Site API. The cart also supports a selling engine and its pertinent calculations like calculating gross-totals, totals with promotions applied, exemptions applied, and taxes applied, as well as the calculation and handling of returns. The app is meant to work with exsisting retail e-commerce apps and Point of Sale systems. This was made to the replace the existing .NET API as this was rather bulky and slow, we managed to cut down the size of the binary from 100MB to just 5MB at comparable performance. I worked on writing the core functionality for the integrations into the tax, item and promotions layer and also the core integrations for the e-commerce websites and Point-Of-Sale Platform. I also wrote a CI/CD pipeline that would help with testing and also help in publishing the microservice to GCP.

Along with the api, we worked on a sample e-commerce website written in Next.json incorporating API into the frontend. To help with development, I also made a bash script with 12 different presets to help in development, building, running and deployment to Google Cloud Platform.


Software Developer (November 2021 - Present)

I am working in a start up at Georgia Tech in building a MVP. I worked on developing a Full-Stack Website and working on fine tuning an NLP model for more accurate results. I worked on a machine learning pipeline that uses UMAP to map the relevant word embeddings of pieces of text onto a 2D graph, FAISS to effieciently cluster these texts and an LDA model on these clusters to find accurate topics for these. In the frontend, I worked on optimizing WordCloud of test using ReactFlow.